Saturday, 9 June 2012

RECEIVED!> Free Sample: Stay Pretty!> Genifique (Lancome)

Mdm Cheapo's hp battery was flat when I passed by Isetan yesterday! I was so distraught as I needed the sms to redeem the Lancome Genifique 7-day trial pack! How how how?!?!?!?!
Then an idea struck! AH Lau ah~ pass me your handphone. I then quickly went into my blog, looked for the Genifique post and registered Ah Lau for it! In the mean time I distracted Ah Lau by entering Harvey Norman. What's with men & electronics? I truly do not understand, come'on a tv is a tv is a tv, all the TVs look the same to me but hey that bought me more than a few minutes. The redemption sms came in! Hurray! Then I calmly annouced, oh let's drop by Isetan on our way down. =) *mwahahahaha* Well thanks to my quick wits, here's the 7-day trial pack. The counter staff requested that we filled in a short form, requesting for email & hp details. Then advised that each 1ml pack should be used twice, day & night. After 7 days, the skin would be radiant! 

Delivery: Sms received in 2 minutes, self collect at any Lancome Counter

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