Saturday, 29 September 2012

Free Sample: Stay Healthy> Pearlie White

Free Pearlie White Sample Kits. *SMiLez* Ladies! 
Special Thanks to Zelene for the contribution~ 
Delivered in: Stated 10-14 working days
Limit: 1 per fb account
Sample Worth: TBD
Worth-it-Meter: TBD /5.0

Free Sample: Stay Healthy! Chocgoji

I've been struggling to categorise this, Stay Healthy? Chocolates wor... hmmm if chocolates make people happy = healthy? =) 
Stay Healthy it shall be! 
3 Flavours available: Milk Choc, Dark Choc & Sugar Free Choc. 
I typically take my wolfberries in soup, now they come in choc as snacks... Can;t wait to try them! 
Special Thanks to Zelene for the contribution! 
Delivered in: Stated 3 working wks
Limit: 1 per mailing address
Sample Worth: TBD
Worth-it-Meter: TBD /5.0

Free Sample: Stay Pretty> Lab Series Skincare

After so many freebies for ladies, here's one for the men! 

1 week supply of Lab Series Skincare Simplified Samples - from  27 September - 5 October 2012 or while stocks last.

Special Thanks to Pu Niao~ More loving for Ah Lau's oily face!!! 
Delivered in: Stated 10 days
Limit: 1 per fb account
Sample Worth: TBD
Worth-it-Meter: TBD /5.0

Saturday, 22 September 2012

RECEIVED! Free Sample: Stay Pretty! > My Beauty Diary Mask!

My Beauty Diary Mask is here! Mdm Cheapo chose Collagen Firming! What about you?!
This is a beautiful week! 

Delivered in: 1+ week
Sample Worth: $1.30
Worth-it-Meter: 2.4 /5.0

RECEIVED! Free Sample: Scotch Brite Sponge!

Okay, normally Mdm Cheapo buys the 5 for $1 sponge... Reason: Use for a few weeks then throw so that its more hygienic as the sponges always start to smell after some time. *Yucks*
So premium sponge like Scotch Brite, hardly use before. But now FREE wor... I wonder if there's a difference. Let's try!!!
Delivered in: 1+mth
Sample Worth: $2.50
  • Worth-it-Meter: 2.8 /5.0

RECEIVED!> Free Sample: Stay Pretty!> Rachel K Collagen + Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask

The Rachel K Collagen + Stem Cell Hydrogel Mask is here!
This week is officially declared Happy Week! So many freebies came in my mail! *Elated* Hope you are too!
Sample Worth: $5.90
Delivered in: 2+weeks

Free Sample: Ben & Jerry Maple Tree Hugger!

Who likes ice cream?! Who loves Ben & Jerry! MEMEMEMEMEMEME! <- That's Ah Lau's declartion in excitement.

Sometimes I think for the right amount of ice cream he might consider trading me in. 
Like Them and then go play a game where you keep click the "HUG ME" sign. When Ah Lau saw me playing he was "Oh that's the maple tree hugger" I was like HUH?! And he went "OH although I have not been buying, i always keep a look out for the latest in the industry..."

After the game you will receive an email with the coupon. The coupon is for 1 free scoop of maple tree hugger with any ice cream purchase. 
Thanks to Pu Niao for the contribution!
 Free Maple sample ice-cream from Ben & Jerry's:

Monday, 17 September 2012

RECEIVED!> Free Sample: Just for Mums!> Comfort Ultra

The Comfort Ultra is here! Trivia on product: 
Formulated for delicate and sensitive skin
Dermatologically tested formula makes it suited for children's delicate skin.

Delivered in: 3+ weeks
Sample Worth: $1.98*
*based on retail $3.95 for 800ml (40 washes)
  • Worth-it-Meter: 2.8/5.0

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Free Voucher: $5 Capital Land Voucher

For a $30 spend you get $5 Capita Voucher, that is a Very good deal indeed! This is happening at Jcube so alert all Westerners! There is a catch though... 
1. All spend Must be F&B, easy enough...
2. Then you need to have 3 combined receipts... 
3. Then out of the 3 receipts, MINIMUm 2 needs to be from B1 F&B outlets.
Thanks to the complexity of the above, often the vouchers are still available in the evening. 1st 100 in the day! 
So once you are armed with knowledge, you get your voucher! Knowledge is power! 
Idea - Take a walk round B1... There are always receipts lying around. *Winks* Look at tables.. floors... (picking up litter is very civic minded behavior, no?) Keeping Malls Clean~ 

Worth-it-Meter: 4.0 /5.0 (16% of spend amount)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Free Sample> Stay Pretty!> Vasline Moisturiser

Free 120ml Vaseline! Key in a short survey & your details, you are all set! 
Collection part is kinda putting me off, self collect at  CozyCot Retail Store, Orchard Central #02-24/25, 181 Orchard Road Singapore 238896, present your NRIC. 
First come first serve. Hmm... town... hmmm... bracing the crowds for 120ml of Vaseline.. Hmmm....
*Redemption period ends on 15 January, 2013.
Special Thanks to Shuning & Irene for the contribution~ 

Delivered in: Self Collect at Cozycot retail Store
Limit: 1 per NRIC
Sample Worth: TBD
Worth-it-Meter: TBD /5.0

Friday, 14 September 2012

Free Sample: Stay Pretty! > Love More Mask

Sorry for now being here for so many days! We had a overseas visitor in town, took up most days & nights out.
Well back with a vengeance, I am so behind, I have resolved to post everything I received by this weekend!
No better way than spending a weekend getting freebies! 
First up - A Mask from Love More. Apparently a Taiwanese Brand, not one that I am familiar with. 
Like them & Share Them. After which Email them at (whassup with the secretive? well now the secret is out.... LOL)with following details: 
Subject: Free Redemption: From, Taiwan Mask
- Name + FB Name
- NRIC No.
- Gender
- Email
- Phone
- Address as per NRIC . 
You even get to choose the flavour! Me likes! 
- Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask Sheet, - Mountain Tea Polyphenols Moisturizing Mask Sheet
- Pearl Barley & Milk Smoothing Mask Sheet, - Wine Yeast Whitening Mask Sheet
ONE mask per redemption, per NRIC and address ONLY.
Special Thanks to Crystal Low for the contribution! Love'ya Ladies!
Delivered in: TBD

Limit: 1 per sg mailing address, per NRIC
Sample Worth: TBD
Worth-it-Meter: TBD /5.0

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Free Sample: Stay Pretty! > My Beauty Diary Mask!

Well for one, I REALLY do like MBD masks... 
And now for free?! Super Likes!
You even get to choose the flavour, so many yummy flavours eg: Caviar, Bird Nest, Cherry Blossom. (open the "Products" tab for the range available)
Ohoh oh, Collagen Firming! My choice is done - Collagen Firming it is! Arbutin sounds good too... Argh. 
Thanks to Zelene, Irene & Jane for the contribution~ 

Delivered in: Stated as shortly
Limit: 1 per sg mailing address
Sample Worth: TBD
Worth-it-Meter: TBD /5.0

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Free Sample: Mystery Exclusive Treat from Guardian

It's the time again to stand united! Guardian will share an "exclusive treat" once they hit 500 likes & shares! No mention of what is it, mystery gift... So very Egg-citing. 
Not sure if the treat is just for the 500 who share & like though... If I had a say it would be unlimited Freebies for everybody! Of course that's only because I'm not Guardian's Tao Kay Neo ma~ =P
It currently stands at 371, come'on Ladies (and guys) we can do it!!! 

Come'on Everybody! Spread the word~ 

So many egg-citment on Friday~ Today is officially Egg-citing Friday! 


Free $ (Credit): $5 Credit from Big Deal!

Free S$5 PlusBigDeal credit! 
And I saw something I wanna buy from them! The Fat Analyser Weighing Scale for Levels! This is so egg-citing! 
Here's what you need to do> 

For New User to Plus BigDeal:
- Visit to sign up an account
- Key in "BDOFFER2012" in the "Voucher Key" field
- Complete the registration, the $5 will be in your newly created account.

For Existing Plus BigDeal User:
- Login your account at
- Go to My Account -> Credits at
- Key in "BDOFFER2012" and click on "Redeem" button

Terms and Conditions:
- Each person is allowed to claim once for this campaign
- Credits need to be claimed before 30th Sept 2012
- Credits claimed need to be spent before 31st Dec 2012
- Credits claimed are non-exchangeable & non-transferable

Thanks to Irene Soh for the contribution! 

Love'you all ladies! 

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

RECEIVED!> Free Sample: Stay Pretty! > Latacyd Trial kit

The Latacyd Trial Kit arrived. It came with 2 - 15ml sample packs: White Intimate & Revitalize.

There seems to be 2 more flavors available from the brochure that came with it. <<<< Pink & Purple colored ones. 
Did anyone get the other flavors? 

Trivia on product (Summarize to have key points only): 
White - Made with natural whitening ingredients – plant based Actipone-B and marine-based Algowhite to gently lighten the skin around the intimate area. 

A youth reviving feminine wash, containing natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, Collagen & Trehalose. 

Delivered in: 2+ weeks
Sample Worth: $1.67*
*based on retail $13.90 for 250ml
  • Worth-it-Meter: 2.5 /5.0

Monday, 3 September 2012

Free Sample: Stay Pretty!> Loreal Lucient BB Cream

Who loves BB Cream? Me too! Here's one up for grabs. It states 5ml sample, most likely good for 1 use. But hey, for free, I'm not complaining. Delivers to your place too, self collect can be quite a hassle sometimes. 
Thanks to Pu Niao ( for the contribution~ 
Delivered in: Stated 5-7 working days
LImit: 1 per FB Account
Sample Worth: TBD
Worth-it-Meter: TBD /5.0

Best Deal: Cetaphil Intensive Moisturizer

Well, backed by popular demand & repeat requests. Mdm Cheapo has gotten another batch of Cetaphil Intensive Moisturiser. This time no friendly friend to carry back for me so it's a little pricer. 
Going for $13 / tube exclude postage. (Postage typically < $1 per tube). 
Still cheaper than what you get on forums. 
Same procedure: email me @ with the title "Cetaphil". 
Will email you the payment details. (Mdm Cheapo not comfy to tell everybardi my bank account #)

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Free iOS: Fruit Vs Veg (used to be $5)

Hmmm... Fruit Vs Veg??? They really should have one Boys Vs Veg... I don't know about you, this is my daily war. 
Version: 1.0.0, Updated: 29 Aug 12