Friday, 30 November 2012

Free Sample: Glade Sensation Sticker

Need a car wash? It's only $10 for a good cause (The Woodbridge Hospital Endowment Fund) and you'll get a free Glade Sensation Sticker.  

Dates: 8 & 9 Dec
Time: 9-3pm
There's even a valet service! So means free parking if you are having your meal there~ 

Like them to get your Glade Sensation Sticker >

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

FreeStuff: Xmas Special> Gift Tags

Have you started getting presents for family & friends for X'mas? 
You have you presents all wrapped up ready to put the name on it? Instead of using a marker and write it on the gift wrap, now there are free gift tags that would add that makes it prettier~ 
Gold 90.5fm is giving away free gift tags, just like them and message your details to them. Sent right to your doorstep. 
Ho! Ho! Ho!


Monday, 26 November 2012

RECEIVED: iherb! (Stay Healthy)

So excited! My order from iherb is here! Filled with goodies for everyone in the family! 
Stock Check (all quoted in usd): 
4 Madre labs Omega 3 fish oil - 4.95 ea (Daddy)
1 Really Raw Honey - 10.95 (Ah Lau loves this!)
3 Sundown Adult Gummies - 10.59 ea (for everyone!)
2  Chocolove Almond Sea Salt Dark Chocolate - 2.66 ea (Ah Lau & me)
1 Fiber Garden Gummy - 13.99 ea (Ah boy)
1 Madre Bees Organic Vanilla Lip Balm - 0.85 ea (Mine!)
Free items: 
1 Traumee Cream (Free sample)
1 satchet Organic Green Tea (cinnamon Apple Flavour)
1 Mini iherb green highlighter
Wow! I clicked clicked clicked and ended with so much!Grand Total was about $80+ SGD. Free Shipping! I had a $10 off thanks to discount code here (ZIV517) and a further 5% for more than $60.  
This was really worth it considering: 
1. Nowhere can I find omega fish oil at 0.0495/capsule! Dad was paying 5 times that price. Well, with 4 bottles everyone can eat it as preventive supplement for cardio disease & i think anti-inflammatory for joints (this one i cannot be sure).
2. Really Raw honey retails at $35-$40 here in sg (GIANT supermarket etc). You mix it with normal temperature water in a 1 litre bottle and then put it in the fridge. Beats can drinks any day! 
3. Sundown Adult Gummy was a crowd pleaser. I have bought multi vits capsules for my folks & ah lau before... but they never did want to eat it. There was a natural aversion to swallowing pills. But ah, once i introduced the gummy to my folks & ah lau they can't get enough of it. Now, i have to remind them to eat only 2, JUST 2. This has no artificial flavoring/sweetener. Mdm Chepao Says:This is a must try! 

4. The chocolove almond dark chocolate is a all time best seller on iherb! It took me & ah lau, 10 mins to finish the entire bar. And we were eating it slowly le. It was a pleasant surprise, salty & sweet. *yumz*
5. If you have trouble getting your ah boys to eat green veg, you will be like... ME. I save all that money only to spend it on getting EXPENSIVE gummies filled with fiber for ah boy... What to do?!?! 
6. Cheap Lip balm tasted really good an it's organic. Somehow once i see Organic i think atas ah, so i clicked it. (Stated in iherb as hot deals some more wor). 

Well, dear readers - Stay Healthy! And now with iherb, its cheaper to do so too! 

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Free Gift: Mobile accessories

Remember the Crystal Home Buttoniphone screen protector & anti-radiation sticker that were featured as freebies on the deals site? 
Well to my pleasant surprise, I recently discovered that the dealer themselves are giving away freebies! 
There is no mention of which specific items are for free but I highly suspect that it includes all the freebie items here>

Mdm Cheapo too pai seh to email them to get stuff as I have already claimed so many stuff form them. Yes you have read it right, Mdm Cheapo pai seh... ... for now... ... *heez*
I assume it will be a self collect at City Plaza as well. 

They do have a lot of stuff on clearance now and you can select a free item with every purchase. Free delivery for purchases above $10. X'mas is just round the corner, see if anything catches your eye! 
I think the DIY gardening is rather cute~ Ah Lau, come see see... (aka I want you buy for me)
Happy shopping people~ 

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Free Sample: Stay Pretty!> MTM Define 0.5 Trial

Like "MTM" to get a Define 0.5 Trial by MTM. 
Bye bye to dark eye circles~ Hmm... but ah, pandas now in vogue wor~ Kai Kai & Jia Jia coming to town.
T&C: Only 100 customers a day. Define 0.5 Trial will be by appointment basis only. In order to display the before and after effects of the facial, Define 0.5 Trial will be performed on one half of a customer’s face only.

But ah, Panda Very Cute leh->

Free iOS: My Measures & Dimensions

I have no idea why I would ever need to use it but oh well, download first talk later. 
Probably very useful for anyone moving into a new place. 
Version: 2.62, Updated: 26 Oct 11
    • Size: 3.6 MB
    Ratings: 4 (15 ratings), 4+ (179 ratings on all versions)
    • Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Free Sample: Stay Pretty! > Summer's Eve

Fill up your details and get a sample for free! Nothing was stated on delivery period.
Thanks to Bee Peng for the contribution~ 


Delivered in: Not Stated
Limit: One per person?  
Sample Worth: TBD
Worth-it-Meter: TBD /5.0 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Free: Mac Value Meal Voucher

Anyone hungry? Free Mac Value Meal Voucher! Just download "My Plus!" mobile app and redeem a meal voucher from NTUC Centre @ No.1 Marina Boulevard. 
Bummer, Mdm Cheapo works at Ulu Ulu spot of Singapore. 
If you are in Marina these days, treat yourself to a free meal! 

Delivered in: Self collect @ NTUC Centre
Limit: While Stocks Last from 14 -27 Nov 
Sample Worth: $5+
Worth-it-Meter: --- /5.0 (Worth it, Only if you work ard Marina or you are going there...)

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Free Sample: Papulex

Fill up a quiz for a sample~ Why not?
Answers are to Q1 are:  
EU-Patented ABA
Zinc PCA

Thanks to Pu Niao for the contribution!
Delivered in: Stated within 4 weeks
Limit:  1 per fb
Sample Worth: TBD
Worth-it-Meter: TBD /5.0

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Free Sample: Stay Pretty! > Hada Labo Whitening Lotion

How can one ever NOT love Hada Labo? 
They have a new sample up for grabs. 
Like them here>
Thanks to Pu Niao for the contribution!
Delivered in: TBD
Limit:  1 per fb
Sample Worth: TBD
Worth-it-Meter: TBD /5.0

Friday, 2 November 2012

Places to go: Hock Siong~ (Furniture & Household Items)

It has been a 2 weeks ago that I visited this "treasure trove". I don't know about you but Mdm Cheapo Loves checking out places with knick knacks, pre-loved, vintage looking stuffs.... I call it "treasure hunting". This place is way cool - Hock Siong. It gets furniture, household items from Hotels, Showflats etc. So  a lot of good pieces and a lot of variety! 

Its an open storage, can be a little hap hazard but totally worth your time. Especially for new home owners, you can get decent pieces here going for 20-30% of its original retail.
Some of the rather nice pieces that caught my eye. There were a lot of sofa pieces, lamps in pretty good condition.  There were baby chairs (the restaurant type) going for $10. Very good deal! And foldable tables (long type) going for $50 each. 

They have another area beside the furniture section which features lots of small household items which included lots of cutlery, porcelain wares, salt/pepper holders etc.... Prices are like $0.80-$1.00. 
*Rubs Eyes* I must not be seeing right.. Runs over, it's Wedgewood! (Atas UK brand) For a tea + saucer, it goes for 10 pounds for simple no patterned one to 70 pounds for a lavishly patterned one. Price @ Hock Siong - $5!!! 
Yes its a little used, but in really good condition, no chips, just that the golden lines are a little faded at some parts. 

They have a facebook page which they upload photos of new stuff. However, these featured stuff often gets snapped up real quick. It has since become one of my favorite pages to visit just to look look see see~
Enjoy Peeps~ 
Address: 153 Kg Ampat Road, S368326

Best Deal: Wine from Giant~

 Another place that Mdm Cheapo spends all that $$$ that we save... On wine! Where does Mdm Cheapo go get cheap wine, GIANT! We compared prices at NTUC, Cold Storage, Shop & Save. Giant gives the best Deal~ 
Some of our favourite flavours were on sale! Banrock Moscato & Sweet Seasons. Both Ah Lau and myeslf prefer the sweet ones preferably with bubbles~  

So here's what we ended up with 5 bottles of wine.There's a promo at Giant, $100 spend on wine we get $10 Giant Voucher. How NOT to stock up?! X'mas is coming up in a bit, this will be great for the X'mas Party!

On my way out, i spotted something interesting, Fruit Beers from Taiwan! Singapore really has everything! Luv'it.