Friday, 2 November 2012

Best Deal: Wine from Giant~

 Another place that Mdm Cheapo spends all that $$$ that we save... On wine! Where does Mdm Cheapo go get cheap wine, GIANT! We compared prices at NTUC, Cold Storage, Shop & Save. Giant gives the best Deal~ 
Some of our favourite flavours were on sale! Banrock Moscato & Sweet Seasons. Both Ah Lau and myeslf prefer the sweet ones preferably with bubbles~  

So here's what we ended up with 5 bottles of wine.There's a promo at Giant, $100 spend on wine we get $10 Giant Voucher. How NOT to stock up?! X'mas is coming up in a bit, this will be great for the X'mas Party!

On my way out, i spotted something interesting, Fruit Beers from Taiwan! Singapore really has everything! Luv'it.  


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