Sunday, 5 August 2012

Wedding Series: Wedding Invite (Traditional)

For a Traditional Wedding Invite: 
You would be holding your wedding with a Hotel/Restaurant that provides invite BUT no insert. I never would understand this but hey, the standard market practice is to give you the invite + envelope with no inserts... so weird... then got what use la~ I guess printing companies need to earn $ ma~
So for a 150 inserts, it would cost about $120 ($0.80 each) this is for normal plain paper with black ink. Something more fancy like translucent paper, +30 cents/pc. Gold wordings... another +++
If you are the practical type, you can try your hand at printing your own which Mdm Cheapo did. 
For template in MS word form (both English & Chinese) go to >
*Remember to put the Parent's Full Name, no short form - Mr & Mrs Tan only... 

1. Measure the size of your invite, the paper insert should be 0.1-0.2cm smaller at the edges, for ease just use 0.1cm less on each edge. This is because when you fold the inserts, the edges will stick out if it is exact same size of the invite. 

2. Input the dimensions in text box properties as follows, select Absolute: 

3. Include a border, this will help in the cutting later on. 
Select a light grey color, dotted and 0.5pt or lesser thickness.

4. Have fun customizing your invites with cartoons/hearts/icons

5. Print on plain white paper to play around with the sizing till you get it correct. 

6. VERY IMPORTANT: Let both your parents review the wordings before printing the final ones. MUST! This is very important. I know it from experience.

7. When selecting paper supplies - head down to Popular to get the colored paper you want, typically go for light pink/light yellow hues.For the translucent paper, look for tracing paper - it goes for $3.95 for 25 sheets.
It would be best to use 70/80/90gsm paper, nothing too thick. That would make it very difficult to fold it later. 

8. Use golden thread or UHU Glue to stick the inserts. No, not UHU glue sticks, use the Glue type. Just dot the centre on one of the sides of the inserts and you are all set! 

This will come up to be ~$20+ for 150 inserts. A cool $100 savings. (excludes printing costs...)
Well of course this takes a lot more work cutting & folding it. Should be done in an hour or two really~

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