Tuesday, 29 November 2011

EXPIRED! Free iOS: Keywords Game (was 0.99)

  • Keywords Game 
    • Was 0.99
    • Ratings: -
    • Size: 12.4 MB
  • Version: 1.0.111
  • Updated: 26 September 2011

Unsure about how fun this is, personally I prefer more action....
Well, IT IS a free game, download first talk later~

Friday, 25 November 2011

Free Sample: Stay Healthy! > Buckwheat Green Tea

Although from the website stated to register as new member to request for free sample, it needs to be done via email. 

Benefits of Buckwheat: 
Contains rutin that strengthens capillary walls, reduces hemorrhaging in people with high blood pressure and increases microcirculation in people with chronic venous insufficiency.
Buckwheat also contains D-chiro-inositol, a component of the secondary messenger pathway for insulin signal transduction found to be deficient in Type II diabetes and polycystic ovary syndrome. It is being studied for use in treating Type II diabetes. Research on D-chiro-inositol and PCOS has shown promising results.
A buckwheat protein has been found to bind cholestrol tightly. It is being studied for reducing plasma cholesterol in people.
It is rich in dietary fiber and one of the laxative foods foods. 

Email to:
Mail formatt: 
Dear Sir/Mdm,

Would like to request for samples for the 168 blend. 
Address is as follow: 
Appreciate your kind reply. 

It comes with 2 packets and a product brochure. Based on retail of $16.80 for 25 packets, samples are worth $1.34. 
They staff was very responsive, replied the next day and samples were received very quickly.

Delivered in 3 days
Worth-it-Meter: 2.0 / 5.0

Sample Worth: $1.34*
*based on price online

Monday, 21 November 2011

Free Xboxgame: Totem Ball

This was a free game when first released in 2006. Came back free again recently. 

It does require the camera to play.

Full Game - TotemBall - FREE OFFER

Ratings: 2 stars (157 ratings)
40.01 MB

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Free Sample: Just for Mums! > Abott Total Comfort ($70)

Abott is celebrating the launch of their new product with gift sets worth $70!!!
Product Available: New Similac Total ComfortLimit: 1 per household
Delivery time: 3-6 weeks (while stocks last)
Side note> the little girl featured on the advert is SO CUTE! 

Friday, 18 November 2011

Free Sample: Stay Healthy! > Xyltitol

Ok, Mdm Cheapo has to admit looking for Free healthy stuff is difficult. Much more than I ever expected. And here I thought with the increase in health consciousness in the society, this will be a booming trade in SG. 
Well... With much determination, here's the first> Xylitol.

Xylitol> is a sweetener used as a naturally occurring sugar substitute. It is found in the fibers of fruits & vegetables, can be extractec from berries, oats & mushrooms. Xylitol is almost as sweet as sucrose with only 2/3 food energy. AKA it is just like sugar but 1/3 less bad as sugar!

Delivered in: 4 days
Worth-it-Meter: 1.0 / 5.0 (Very small pack for 1 use only)

The Next Series - Stay Healthy!

Madam Cheapo ponders... What next after the "Just for Mum" Series?

What would be good... Then I was sitting around at work and the topic came on getting older, health is on a decline.

Then it struck me, lets have a "Stay Healthy!" Series. This shall me my next challenge!

The aim would be to have at least 1 post a week for this! (Every Monday!)
Stay tuned!

Well in the mean time there would still be posts on the other freebies & need to work on the Best Deals more diligently. Time to head to my favourite grocery stores!

EXPIRED! Free iOS: Burn the Rope Worlds (was 0.99)

  • Burn the rope world - Loved it, it was very addictive!
  • Was 0.99

Ratings: 4+ (88 ratings)
  • Size: 25.1 MB
  • Version: 1.0.2, Nov 17, 2011

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Free: Thimble to Save H20

Time to save the Earth and utility bill too!
You may request for more if you require more, indicate in form. (Requested for 2 kits, shared it with my folks & parents-in-law too)
Each kit consists of 4 thimbles for taps and 2 thimbles for showerhead*

It decreased the water pressure quite a bit so in the end removed the ones in the shower as Madam Cheapo enjoys water jet hitting on the skin hard. Feels cleaner that way. 

Kept the ones in the sink there as often we tend to open the sink tap too much and waste water. Noticed a 3-7% decrease in Utility bill. 
Delivered in: 2-3 weeks

Worth-it-Meter: 4.0/5.0 (comes to quite a bit in the long run)

EXPIRED! Free iOS: Puffle Launch (was 0.99)

  • Puffle Launch! - Good fun for kids. Graphics are very nice - as expected from Disney.
  • Was $0.99. 

  • Rating 4+ (639 ratings)
  • Size: 23.6 MB
  • Version: 1.0.2. 4th Oct 2011

Saturday, 12 November 2011

EXPIRED! Free iOS: The Amazing Race (was $2.99)

The Amazing Race, was 2.99 now Free! 
Ratings: 4+ (31 ratings)
Size: 92.5 MB 
Ver: 1.0.3
Date: 22th Aug 2011

EXPIRED> Free iOS: 123 Color HD Talking Coloring Book (was $14.99)

123 Color HD: Premium Edition Talking Coloring Book( English, Spanish, German, French, Hebrew & Russian Voices INcluded)
Free this weekend! 
Used to be $14.99.
Ratings: 4+ (57 ratings)
Size: 104 MB 
Ver: 2.0.17

Date: 9th Oct 2011

Free Sample: Just for Mums! > Brand's AlphaVision Bilberry

3 day trial pack of AlphaVision Bilberry with Vit A + Zinc
Limit: 1 redemption per household
Delivery time: 10 days

EXPIRED! Free Sample: Just for Mums! > Mustela Skincare

Applicable to Singapore Addresses only!
You may request for sampler pack either for Baby or Mother.
Products are Paraben-free,Phthalate-free, Phenoxyethanol-free. (Whatever all that means)
Limit: Not Stated
Delivery: Not Stated

Free Sample: Just for Mums! > MAM Pacifier

7 Steps to a free $6.50 MAM Pacifier. The MAM Soft Pacifier is suitable only for babies aged 0-6 months. 
Limit: 1 per household
Delivery: 7-10 working days.

Free Sample: Just for Mums! > Abott Milk Powder

Product Available: SIMILAC FOLLOW-ON, Similac® Follow-On Total Comfort™, GAIN, Gain Intestinal Quality™ Total Comfort™, GAIN KID, GROW ® with ImmuniGrow™, ISOMIL® 2 SOY ADVANCE®SOY FOLLOW-ON, GROW SCHOOL ® with ImmuniGrow™, ISOMIL® 3 GROWING-UP FORMULA, PEDIASURE COMPLETE®

Limit: 1 per household
Delivery time: 3-6 weeks

Updated> Free Sample: Just for Mums! > Nestle Milk

Product Available: Nestlé NANPRO2 goodie bag after baby turns 6 months OR Nestlé NANHA2 goodie bag after baby turns 6 months
Limit: Not Stated
Delivery time: Not Stated

Product Available: Nestlé CERELAC Cereal Milk Drink
Limit: 1 sample per household (For mothers with baby above 6 months of age)
Delivery time: Not Stated
Mode: SMS “Cereal Milk Drink” with your full name, email, postal address and baby DOB to 9182225

Product Available: Nestlé CERELAC Toddler Cereals (This is different from CERELAC Cereal Milk Drink)
Limit: 1 sample per household (For mothers with baby above 6 months of age)
Delivery time: Not Stated
Mode: SMS “CERELAC® Toddler NBC” to 91822255 with your full name, email & address. 

Free Sample: Just for Mums! > Karihome Goat's Milk

Product Available: Follow-Up, Growing Up, Kid Formulas & Whole Milk. Sampling of Infant Formula (0-6 months) strictly not allowed by SIFECs (Singaport Infant Ethics Committee)
1 set of sample
Limit: 1 per household
Delivery time: Not Stated

Free Sample: Just for Mums! > Enfa Milk

Product Available: EnfaMama A+, Enfapro A+, Enfagrow A+, Enfakid A+, EnfaSchool A+ 
(2 satchels of the selected formula)
Limit: Not Stated (suspect per IC as IC is requested at application)
Delivery time: Not Stated

Enfa Mama Club

Benefits: New members receive Enfa Fridge Magnet, Enfa Car Sticker & a mystery gift (heard that it's a baby vest!)
Free Newsletter & Even a Birthday Bonus! (Call 18003645-5213 within 1 month of your birthday to claim!)

Free Sample: Just for Mums! > Friso Milk

Product Available: Friso Gold
Limit: Not Stated
Delivery time: Not Stated
For Children below 1 year old, call Friso Hotline> 6419 8484 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            6419 8484      end_of_the_skype_highlighting
For Children above 1 year old, submit request via Link>

Free Sample: Just for Mums! > Dumex Milk Formula (worth $50)

Product Available: $50 worth of follow-up Formula, growing up & maternal milk
Limit: 1 Sample per household & first time request only
Delivery time: 4-6 weeks by post

EXPIRED! Free Sample: Just for Mums! > GOO.N Diapers

Product Available: GOO.N Supreme Diapers or Pants
Limit: 1 Sample per household
Delivery time: Not Stated

Updated! Free Sample: Just for Mums! > Huggies Diapers

Product Available: Huggies New Born diapers, Huggies Ultra Diapers, Huggies Dry Comfort, Huggies Pull-Ups Pants, Little Swimmers
Limit: 1 Sample per household
Delivery time: 21 working days

Register online as a memeber to request for a free sample!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Free Sample: Just for Mums! > Drypers

Product Available: Drypers Soft, Drypers Wee Wee DRY, Drypers DryPantz
Limit: 1 Type per parent & child per household
Delivery time: Not stated

Free Cashcard: Just for Mums!

Baby Blisscard @ South West celebrates the births in the South West District. One of the many initiatives under the "Family Bliss @ South West" package is the Baby Blisscard, a specially-designed limited-edition cashcard with a stored value of $38!!!!

Madam Cheapo loves this... Now I just need to move house when baby comes along. How come other District no have ar?

Baby who fulfils ALL the following eligibility criteria will receive one Baby Blisscard:
1. Reside in South West District 
2. At least one parent must be a Singapore Citizen
3. Birth of Newborn is within one year of application (to be added) 

Baby Blisscards are to be presented by Advisers to grassroots organisations at various community events, such as block parties and Residents' Day - which are usually held within three (3) months of your successful application. Invitation to these events will be made by the Constituency Office of your residence.

Just for Mums!

Madam Cheapo has no babies (yet) but has friends with lotsa babies.. Every meet up is filled with the joyful voices of their kids with an occasional scream & cry (It wasn't me, I kept a safe distance!!!).

Very so often the topic of how expensive milk powder, diapers, kids products were. It was a lot of $ and often, they were in a situation where products they bought was not suited for their kids resulting in waste of $.

Madam Cheapo then had an idea! I will post a "Just for Mum" series!!! I will set off to seek out all available samples available in the entire Singapore!!!
I will not rest till all has been found!

For all the SG Mums out there, I will succeed in my mission!

Free Program: Xara Photo & Graphic Designer V5 (Was $89.99)

Magix boosts to be as good as photoshop! And now its free till 24th November 2011. 
It took me about nearly an hour to download the entire program. For $89.99 it was worth every minute.

Will update the review on its usefulness once i get to play around with it!

Worth-it-Meter: To be determined!

EXPIRED! Free iOS: A Monster Ate My Homework! (was 1.99)

A Monster ate my Homework! 
Free for a limited time, this game is quite addictive. You have been warned!

Ratings: 4+ (51 ratings)
Size: 17.8MB
Ver: 1.4
Date: 13th July 2011

EXPIRED! Free iOS: Smoody (Cute Game, was 99c)

Smoody, now Free! 
Used to be 99c.
 Ratings: 4+ (57 ratings)
Size: 17.2MB
Ver: 1.2.3
Date: 9th Nov 2011

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Free iOS: uLearn to Write Chinese (for iPad)

Released 8th Nov & Free till 15th Nov 2011. 

List of Features:

1. Learning Chinese Characters: display a Chinese character, and its Pinyin, the number of strokes, radical, English explanation, commonly used phrases and their pronunciation. So far, the system supports learning and writing exercises of the most commonly used 1155 Chinese characters.

2. Learning to Write Chinese Characters: dynamically illustrate on how to write a Chinese character in the correct stroke order.

3. Writing Practice: users can practice on writing a character. The writing track will be beautified and displayed via the unique digital ink technology.

4. Writing Assessment: evaluate the user’s writing quantitatively by giving a score.

5. Learning Phrases: learning commonly used Chinese phrases/words of each character. The corresponding English explanation and pronunciation is provided at the same time. The new phrases can be collected for further reviewing. This app includes more than 20,000 frequently used Chinese phrase/words.

6. Testing through Games: provide two games, finding the correct Chinese given Pinyin and finding the correct Chinese given English. These interesting games can test on the mastery of characters that users have learnt.

7. Searching Characters: search the Chinese character that the user wants to learn.

8. Setting App: set the background, skin, and wallpaper of the app; color of the pen; style and weight of the stroke, and select the textbook and course to learn.

Good for beginners learning Chinese!

Worth-it-Meter: - Free apps are always worth it!

Monday, 7 November 2011

Best Deal: Glucerna SR

Scouted around for best prices for Glucerna SR (diabetic formula)
Usual retail (Supermarkets):       $19.95(400g)     $40.85 (900g) - $4.50/100g
Online on Abott site:                  $19.94 (400g)    $40.85 (900g) - $4.50/100g
*prices defer from website as the above includes 7% GST. Delivery charges of $12 applies for all orders below $100.
Offer at Guardian (10% off):      $17.95 (400g) - $4.49/100g

From the last request for samples from Abott, the nice people at Abott mailed Madam Cheapo $2.50 off 400g & $3.50 off 900g vouchers.

Madam Cheapo used the $2.50 at Guardian for 400g tin and paid $15.45.
Used the Maybank Family & Friends card that gives 5% rebate at Guardian, price after rebate $14.68!
This is an all time low price $3.67/100g.

Went to JB to buy this before and paid $32 for the 900g tin - $3.56/100g.
For a 11 cent difference, saves my effort of travelling to JB!

*Anyone wants the $3.50 off 900g tin voucher, please email Madam Cheapo. (expiry 2011 Dec)

Best Deal: Guardian Offer on 400g + Pay by Maybank Family & Friends Card 
Best per unit price: $3.67 / 100g

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Free Sample: Abbott Formula (Adults, Children, Similac Mum Samples)

Abbott Formulas available are the following: 
Adults - For Adult Nutrition, Diabetic & Vitamin
Children - For children for after 6 mths up to 10 yrs old
Similac Mum - For Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mothers

Samples come in 2 sachets arrrives in 2-3 weeks. 1 request per person. 
If you have diabetics in the family, this is useful as there is a Glucerna SR that is a very good supplement for breakfast. Since a 400g tin sells for $18.64, so 1 sachet costs about $1.20.

After receiving the samples, there is some "after-sales" call by their friendly staff. They would even mail discount vouchers from time to time when they know you are a long time consumer. So don't just hang their friendly calls. 
*Very Nice* Madam Cheapo likes!!!

Worth-it-Meter: 3.0/5.0

Sample Worth: $2.40*
*price based on

EXPIRED> Free iOS: 360 Web Browser

Free on Steve Job's 1st Anniversary! - Used to be 99c
It has many unique features; a few examples are:
• Firefox sync
• Download Manager
• Themes
• Tabs
• Media player
• Dropbox integration
• Multi-touch gestures
• Social sharing
• Full screen
• Ad block

Worth-it-Meter: - Free apps are always worth it, no?

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Free Sample: Cure Exfoliant

Touted as Japan's Best selling Exfoliator! 
Very easy to sign up (15 seconds), 1 set of 2 sachets per signup. 2 satchets of samples came in an envelope, in approximately 2 weeks. 1 sachet is rather sufficient for 1 use all over the face. 
Really liked this product as when you use, lots of "dead skin" comes off, and i mean lots especially the first time. Just that it is a little pricey at stores. 

Not sure if they track repeats... as Madam Cheapo was not cheapo enough to try. *surprise surprise* 
Madam Cheapo did request it for everyone in the family and all the samples came. 
Even my husband who uses this found that his acne skin improved. 

Stay Pretty people!

Limit: 1 per email (unlimited per address)
Worth-it-Meter: 2.0 / 5.0 (very small sample size, 2 uses only)

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Free Vouchers: $5 Vouchers on MyMailMoment

Complete surveys on MyMailMoment to earn reward points which you can use to redeem vouchers for. This is by Singapore Post so should be pretty reliable (in my cheapo opinion).

Takes about 30-45 mins to clock in 250 points which can be used to redeem the following Gift Vouchers: 
$5 NTUC FairPrice/ $5 POPULAR/ $5 MyStamp/ $5 The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Card/ $5 Robinson *Note: as of 1st Dec NTUC voucher was no longer available. Was it bcos of the "Cheat NTUC Voucher Incident"?! Or did we "over-redeem" it? Well, my next fav is the Robinson one. So Mdm Cheapo is a little sad but will manage along. 

Refer-a-friend and friend completes 3 Quizzes you are rewarded with 100 points. Note: there are 3 types of surveys > Quizzes, Marketing Surveys & Assignments, it needs to be Quizzes.
If you have lots of family and friends, you can redeem: 
Golden Village Movie Pass for ONE - 450 pts 
FUNtastic Parenting Tips Book - 500pts
$10 Takashimaya Gift Voucher- 500pts

IC number is required to register, to prevent er... Lagi cheapo people to create many many accounts and redeem all of the vouchers. *dammit* Of course I am not like that la. 

If you have time, this might be good as it gives the more practical vouchers - NTUC good for milk powder & pampers.
Madam Cheapo signed up her whole family for it... - got $30 NTUC vouchers in all !!! Love'it!

Delivery: 3 weeks (via registered mail, needed to go to the post office to collect it)