Monday, 7 November 2011

Best Deal: Glucerna SR

Scouted around for best prices for Glucerna SR (diabetic formula)
Usual retail (Supermarkets):       $19.95(400g)     $40.85 (900g) - $4.50/100g
Online on Abott site:                  $19.94 (400g)    $40.85 (900g) - $4.50/100g
*prices defer from website as the above includes 7% GST. Delivery charges of $12 applies for all orders below $100.
Offer at Guardian (10% off):      $17.95 (400g) - $4.49/100g

From the last request for samples from Abott, the nice people at Abott mailed Madam Cheapo $2.50 off 400g & $3.50 off 900g vouchers.

Madam Cheapo used the $2.50 at Guardian for 400g tin and paid $15.45.
Used the Maybank Family & Friends card that gives 5% rebate at Guardian, price after rebate $14.68!
This is an all time low price $3.67/100g.

Went to JB to buy this before and paid $32 for the 900g tin - $3.56/100g.
For a 11 cent difference, saves my effort of travelling to JB!

*Anyone wants the $3.50 off 900g tin voucher, please email Madam Cheapo. (expiry 2011 Dec)

Best Deal: Guardian Offer on 400g + Pay by Maybank Family & Friends Card 
Best per unit price: $3.67 / 100g

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