Thursday, 28 February 2013

Free Sample: Stay Pretty!> Black Box

Who would NOT love surprises?! Mdm Cheapo says the more the merrier!!!The black box is somethign like a beauty box filled with goodies and surprises. Only that it is even BeTTer because it is FREE!
If only there's an auto system to request for surprise from Ah Lau hor... FB should invent more practical stuff besides sending "pokes". *Idea* Mdm Cheapo sends a "surprise request" to Ah Lau. See so practical and not too direct. *heez*
Well do enjoy the self sent surprise here>


  1. Hey!Enter my giveaway! Free & Fabulous stuff to be won!

  2. Is it really free of charge?

    1. Dear Yine, I'm waiting for me Black Box in April. Will update my blog once I receive it! Stay Tuned - I do hope its true!