Friday, 2 November 2012

Places to go: Hock Siong~ (Furniture & Household Items)

It has been a 2 weeks ago that I visited this "treasure trove". I don't know about you but Mdm Cheapo Loves checking out places with knick knacks, pre-loved, vintage looking stuffs.... I call it "treasure hunting". This place is way cool - Hock Siong. It gets furniture, household items from Hotels, Showflats etc. So  a lot of good pieces and a lot of variety! 

Its an open storage, can be a little hap hazard but totally worth your time. Especially for new home owners, you can get decent pieces here going for 20-30% of its original retail.
Some of the rather nice pieces that caught my eye. There were a lot of sofa pieces, lamps in pretty good condition.  There were baby chairs (the restaurant type) going for $10. Very good deal! And foldable tables (long type) going for $50 each. 

They have another area beside the furniture section which features lots of small household items which included lots of cutlery, porcelain wares, salt/pepper holders etc.... Prices are like $0.80-$1.00. 
*Rubs Eyes* I must not be seeing right.. Runs over, it's Wedgewood! (Atas UK brand) For a tea + saucer, it goes for 10 pounds for simple no patterned one to 70 pounds for a lavishly patterned one. Price @ Hock Siong - $5!!! 
Yes its a little used, but in really good condition, no chips, just that the golden lines are a little faded at some parts. 

They have a facebook page which they upload photos of new stuff. However, these featured stuff often gets snapped up real quick. It has since become one of my favorite pages to visit just to look look see see~
Enjoy Peeps~ 
Address: 153 Kg Ampat Road, S368326

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