Sunday, 27 January 2013

Mdm Cheapo is back! 2013!!!

Hello Everybardi!!! 

So sorry for not "being around" for so long. Unfortunately after my long vacation, I came back to Singapore with a bad bout of food poisoning... puked puked puked and puked...All the doctor told me was "It's like that la, cannot be helped. You just need to tahan." (-_-")

What I did find helpful was Yakult! I supplemented my staple of 100 Plus and porridge water with a bottle of yakult a day. 
Apparently food poisoning is a condition when the bad bacteria in your digestive system is a LOT more than the good bacteria. Your digestive system is supposed to have bad bacteria, just not overwhelming the good bacteria. Also when you have food poisoning and having diarrhea, DO NOT wat anti diarrhea meds. LSing helps the system to purge! Get rid of the bad bacteria fastest! Else you will keep it in your intestines and continue to feel sick.  

Well, after all the yuky details, its CNY!!! Have you stocked up? 
One of my all time favorites - Arrowhead Chips! I got a good deal at $7.50 per container at Beauty World. I saw the exact same size at my neighborhood going for $10! 
They have quite a bit and egg rolls are a all time best seller here. 
Do check it out>