Friday, 17 May 2013

Free Coupons: $25 Qoo from Citibank

Ever since the pregnancy, Mdm Cheapo is grounded I tell'ya. *saddened* Too tired, too heavy, too busy to go ANYwhere at all. So no more "Places to go" posts cos Mdm Cheapo ain't going nowhere. 
THANK God for Internet shopping. Mdm Cheapo's Favourite pastime is now Online Shopping! I'm sure you have heard of Qoo10. Who hasn't?! 
Well, here's the good news, if you have a citibank card you can get $25 worth of qoo10 coupons. (Till 31st Aug) There are some really good ones, the $1 off for min $5 purchase  That's 20% discount! Normally Mdm Cheapo has the $0.50 coupon from reviews for a min $5 purchase. So this is definitely a good deal!
What are you waiting for?! Time to shop shop shop! More pretty stuff for my baby girl! Oh, did I tell you, it's a GIRL!  
Will start sharing all my wonderful online purchases in my future posts! 
Happy Shopping everybardi~ 

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