Saturday, 4 May 2013

RECEIVED! Free: Star Wars Figure!

I hope you saw my post at 4pm! I was at Orchard (which is very very rare) being a preggy in crowded places. Big Turn Off!
Today was a special day, we were celebrating BFF's hatch day so braving crowds was worth it. 
To make it LAGI worth it we decided to go jalan jalan along busy Orchard to check out the latest fashion trends. To our pleasant surprise there were people giving away free star wars figurines for every "Like" on Hasbro.  They had 3 guys in costumes posing with the crowd, Star wars characters I think... Only recognized a storm trooper. Ah lau was so excited, like a little boy! Immediately took his phone, "Like" Hasbro and got his toy! 
When we walked past the same spot at 6 pm, no more toys left so I hope you got yours! 
Here's what we got: 

Hasbro Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back 3.75 Vintage Action Figure - Boba Fett - $9.95 (price on ebay)

Now I "LIKE" going to Orchard. New high point of the week! So luckY!
Had good meal with BFFs, had fun & got free toys! (Got some nice clothes too!) HaPpY MdM CheaPo today! 

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