Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Free $: Standard Chartered pays for YOUR shopping this GSS!

OK, Mdm Cheapo never believed in banks promos like this. Never! Why? Because I never won or heard anybody wining before. However, I would always sign up for it because well, I AM Mdm Cheapo. 

But now, I am a changed lady... changed.... I am a Believer! *Think Shrek song*

When I saw the sms on my hp last night while I was already in bed. I couldn't believe what I was reading... Free! Free!!! Free shopping. *Dang* I should have bought more! 
If you have a Standardchartered card, sms the following:WIN<space>16-digit Standard
Chartered Card number to 77222 If you do not have a standardchartered card... what are you waiting for? They even give you $80 cash back for the new credit card. 
Everybody loves GSS! Mdm Cheapo loves GSS! Love'it!


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