Sunday, 2 March 2014

Best Deal: Phone Charge Cables - $1.90 incl postage

Mdm Cheapo has been clocking in some good mileage in online shopping! What would I ever do without it?! Probably spens a lot less money (according to ah lau) Well on the fluip side, its really about saving more money. Buying stuff online is definitely cheaper than retail, so the more I buy the more I save, right? One good deal I came by were phone cables! So I got in a batch and now I have these to share with you~ I'm peddling them off at @ $1.90/pc incl postage (via normal mail)
To place orders, email me @ as follows: Subject: Samsung Cable, Include details: Colour, Qty & Mailing Address
Subject: Iphone5 cable
Include details: Qty & Mailing Address

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