Friday, 4 July 2014

Free $: My ActiveSg Credits

Ever wanted to go to the gym, catch a swim and you have been delaying it? It's Time to get Fit! Use the facilities at various Sports centres for FREE! 

Sign up as a member @

To Receive FREE ActiveSG $100, upon membership verification* (valid for a limited period),  Free ActiveSG $100 credit will only be granted upon verification via:

    (1) Singpass - Login to your member account online 
    (2) NRIC/Birth Certificate - Produce your documents at any of ActiveSG Sport Centres
$100 Credits can be used> 
Swimming complexes and gym admission
Payment for ActiveSG programmes and activities (up to 30% of the programme price)
Booking of ActiveSG sport facilities (excluding Dual-Use-Scheme / MOE facilities)
Purchase of MyActiveGYM™ and MyActiveSWIM™ schemes
Eligibility to purchase MyActiveGYM™ and MyActiveSWIM™ schemes
Mdm Cheapo strongly recommends the MyActiveGYM™ and MyActiveSWIM™ schemes - Gives you unlimited access to the Gym / Swimming Pools for 12 months!!! 
This is great for all the Seniors out there ~ *Mdm Cheapo signed up for my parents right away!*
Thanks To Yilin for the contribution~ 

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