Friday, 25 May 2012

RECEIVED! Free Sample: Stay Pretty!> Hada Labo

Mdm Cheapo loves Hada Labo, till date have received 3 samples from them. First was the sachet of Hada Labo, now mini bottles of Hydrating Lotion AND Hydrating Face Wash. Aren't they the most generous people?! The 20ml bottles are still up for grabs! 
Hydrating lotion not featured in photo, cos Mdm Cheapo brought it to office, mid day moisturising never hurt anyone, has it? Pump up the moisture!
Love Hada Labo~ 

Delivered in: 1.5 weeks
Sample Worth: 2.69 (lotion) + 2.58 (wash) = $5.27*

*based on online prices
  • Worth-it-Meter: 4.0 /5.0

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