Saturday, 12 May 2012

Places to go: City Plaza

Mdm Cheapo was lazing around on Sat wondering what to do... Counted my fingers 20 times over and laid in bed imagining flocks of sheep... And then, WALA! There is a place that I have not gone to get my freebie! 
City Plaza! 
Not being sure where/what is city plaza, Mdm Cheapo went to her favourite buddy> Google. Guess what, City Plaza is known for selling clothes and... ARNOLDS FRIED CHICKEN. When Mdm Cheapo mentioned Arnolds, Ah Lau (aka husband) jumped up in excitement! *Imagine a grown man hopping around the house like a crazed rabbit* Now we HAVE to go City Plaza. 
For those who are not familiar with Arnolds---->

It was very good! Some swear, better thank finger-licking good KFC!

Well Ah Lau got Arnolds, I got my Anti Radiation Sticker & Screen Protector from Simpang Tiga Mobile. Mdm Cheapo got 2 sets of this. Claimed for Ah Lau also mah... Could not resist. Made the trip more worth it.
Both are still up for grabs at Nice Deal! You can plan for a family trip to eat Arnolds and get free stuff! 
  • Sample Worth: $1.20 + $2.00= $3.20* (Actually should be 2 x $3.20)
  • *based on available online prices for equivalent (the sticker is retailing for 6.90)
  • Delivered in: Self collected at City Plaza (Opposite Paya Lebar MRT)
  • Worth-it-Meter: 3.5 /5.0

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