Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Best Deal:

  •  I am excited !!! Very excited!!! 
  • Why? Because one of my FAVOURITE sites is having Free Internation Airmail! Yes, Free!
  • Introducing ~iherb~ 
  • If you are a first time buyer, you get $5 off! Use code: ZIV517 during checkout, somehting like at the 4th Step there will be an option to key this in. 
  • Offer> International Airmail (available to selected countries): Free for orders totaling more than $40! Ends July 31st, 2012
    *there is a weight condition that it cannot weigh more than 4lbs. 
    Do note that there Freebie is available for each purchase so remember to go to the Freebies section pick something to add to your cart before you check out.

    So the very smart way to place order is to order $45 of stuff, apply the discount code, add a freebie to your order and select free shipping. 

  • There is no life to speak of without being healthy and prevention is better than cure! So do poke around this website and work towards better health! 
  • In expensive Singapore, health supplements come at a hefty price tag. All the GNC, Unity, Guardian... *ouch* Now on iherb, things are easily 50% cheaper. 
  • Some of the things i buy > Glucosamine+chondrotin+msm capsules - 40% cheaper 
  • Really Raw Honey - $15+, retails at $47 in sg
  • Especially good is the variety of organic baby foods available!!! And at that price!
From past experience, it typically takes 2 weeks for my orders to reach Sg. Very reliable, all nicely packed! Love'it!


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