Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Free Vouchers!: $80 313@Somerset voucher

It's been so long since there are free samples around. Were they all given out before Christmas?!
Thus I decided to engage in another fav activity of mine - Surfing bank websites no the latest promos. 
Then I stumbled on UOB. Am I seeing right? UOB is giving away shopping vouchers to new card members? 
Not sure if you know, all banks give some gitft/cash rebate/vouchers for new cards EXCEPT UOB for the longest time. As they boost of the most comprehensive food discounts  So Mdm Cheapo has never had a UOB card. No free stuff no want your card! =P 
I guess the other cards have expanded their network of discounts so UOB gotta step up huh?
Well, that's good news for you and ME! Hurrayz! The consumer benefits! Time for a new card.


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