Saturday, 8 June 2013

Best Deal: iHerb - Free delivery till end of June

To my very pleasane surprise, iHerb is offering free Free Global Priority Mail again! This time for the entire month of June!
Time to stock up on my multi vits & lets try out some baby foods for the new baby! (I know she isn't born yet!)
But I'm just another very excited, typical Kiasu Parent! 

Details of the email:  

Free Global Priority Mail service for orders over $40.00, and deeper discounts on DHL Express shipping. 
And if you are not yet a VIP customer, your account has been temporarily upgraded to VIP status. 
The VIP discount you will see in the shopping cart is based on the following discount structure: 
5% --if your order is less than $60.00 
6% --if your order is from $60.00 to $69.99 
7% --if your order is from $70.00 to $79.99 
8% --if your order is from $80.00 to $89.99 
9% --if your order is from $90.00 to $99.99 
10% --if your order is from $100.00 to $199.99 
12% --if your order is from $200.00 to $399.99 
14% --if your order is $400.00 or more 
In addition, if you order $200.00 or more from us during the month of June, we will upgrade your account to permanent VIP status! 

*Do note there is a weight limit of 4lbs. 

First time buyer gets $10 off purchases above $40! Use code: ZIV517 during checkout!!!

Happy shopping and Stay healthy! 

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