Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Best Deal: Just for Mums!> Qoo10

OK, as all of you already know, Mdm Cheapo is popping soon and well pregnancy, babies all are very very expensive matters in lives.
So saving $ in this department is of ultimate importance!
Mdm Cheapo will start sharing all my good deals and worth it buys from all over.
The first installment would be all the good stuff I got from Qoo10!
For all who do not know of this wonderful place, its time to get acquainted!
Click here
Some things to note, to save $ here there are 2 things that you need to pay attention to: Coupons, Stamps and Qpoints.
1. Coupons> You can apply these at checkout and get discount off your final price.
Ways to get coupons:
a. Weekends they typically give free ones, just need to log in to get them. But they normally only last for the weekend.
b. Get from Citibank offer here (till 31st Aug)> here
c. Buy Stuff and leave Premium Review, means you upload a photo in your review. (get a $0.50 off $5 purchase)
d. Play "Roulette Q"! (refer to details below)
e. Exchange for coupons using Stamps

2. Stamps> Use these to get coupons!
a. Buy stuff and leave Normal/Premium reviews (1 Stamp awarded)
b.Play "Roulette Q"! (refer to details below)

3.  Qpoints> Every 100 points = $1 to offset your final purchase amount.
a. You get Qpoints when you confirm your orders, points are awarded in accordance to purchase amount. 

The "Lucky Lounge" is the place to be!
Go in and play "Roulette Q". Link> (refer to screenshot below)>
This is a daily activity, so 1 spin everyday. When you have nothing to do, waiting in the mrt, for the bus etc, play Roulette Q on the GO!
You can download the qoo10 app and stay logged in. 

Have FUN getting Stamps, Coupons and save $$$. 

Will be sharing my good buys & value worth ones. Bad ones... I'll just blame it on my bad judgement, no sharing.  

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