Friday, 30 March 2012

Places to go: iLight Marinabay 2012 Report

Mdm Cheapo took a relaxing walk last night on a Friday evening after dinner along Marina Bay to check out iLightMarinaBay2012. It was well worth the trip! It is good 1.5 hours walk, good exercise by the bay with very interesting light installations. It was an eye-opener! *so exciting* I really thought it would be boring and really went to collect my Free Mystery Gift ($20). They extended the collection of the gift from 27th March to 1st April. So if you have not collected before 27th you can still do it.  

A definitely MUST -GO! If you have not planned anything for the evening today, plan to be at Marina Bay! The festival ends 1st April !!! And there's Free KungFu Panda Screening tonight at 8-10pm! 

In the middle of tidying up all the photos to be added to this post, I wanted to send the word out in advance!

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