Saturday, 10 March 2012

Places To Go: Meiji Factory Outlet - 20% Off

Here's the first post for the series "Places To Go"
Mdm Cheapo decided to start exploring places to go to for good deals. Some would require a little travelling. 
The first place is Meiji Factory Outlet!The place was NOT easy to find even with a GPS. I missed a few times as I was expecting to see the great big white Meiji factory building shown on the website. BAD idea. As I have found out, after missing the place like 3 times... The entrance was a slope down to the building so you would not have been able to see the building from the road driving by. Dammit!
It was fun, although a very short trip. The store was like a small convenience store. (I admit i was a little disappointed by the size of the place.) I think i'm used to Megastores now. However, i was pleasantly surprised by the variety of products that I have never seen in my life. at first glance, the prices weren't cheap they were the same as the supermarts. Then i realized the 20% discount was taken at the register. So my spirits lifted and I started buying... ... ... The on bargain stuff (near to expiry in a couple of months) was strategically placed along the queue. The prices are unbelievable, 2 packs for $1.50, buy 2 get 1 free... I could not resist! 
Damages done $100+. 

A word of caution, the bargain stuff were very unfamiliar/novel snacks, best NOT to buy them in bulk as you might to take to the taste. I had some hits and some misses on this. 

Oh well, can't wait for another Fri that i might have time to head down there. 12pm-3pm. 

Address: 36 Quality Road Singapore 618806
Take MRT to Boon Lay, transfer bus service 246 from Boon Lay interchange and alight at 4th bus stop.

MAP for reference: 

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