Sunday, 15 April 2012

Free Sample: Stay Pretty!> Sunplay (Travel Size)

Trivia about the sun & our fragile skin: 
  • UVA rays from the sun can penetrate deep into your skin and damage collagen, which is the protein that holds your skin together in a firm and smooth way.
  • UVA breaks down the collagen structure which results in wrinkles.
  • Once collagen is damaged, it cannot re-build itself.
  • Up to 80% of skin aging is caused by the sun.  (*quoted from
What is more important to Mdm Cheapo than saving $ ? ->Looking young & beautiful FOREVER! So never expose yourself to sunlight stay indoors, live like a vampire OR get FREE sunblock! Grab this Facebook freebie now - Sunplay SPF +130! (travel size) Usual rules, You Like Sunplay, You get Sunplay~


  1. Not sure if you have already apply. But this is the link to free coffee sample from Brooks.

  2. another one from me. hope you manage to read this in time.

  3. Thank you so much~ Yoshiyuki! This is good stuff.