Friday, 13 April 2012

RECEIVED!> Insinc Rewards!

Mdm Cheapo is delighted by free samples and very delighted when she gets $. $ in my exlink card was the best news last month, thanks to Insinc! Mdm Cheapo got $11 credited to my ezlink card. (You will need to credit into your card via AXS machine) There is a new "Magic Box" introduced, you get a surprise prize weekly every Friday. You would need to log in to check out what's in the Magic Box prize. 
Do note that there are 2 options to select to get your credits. Mdm Cheapo chose the "$pin" option auto play too cos I'm too lazy to log in and click click click... Well it got me $11 so, this works out great for me. 
If you have not signed up, don't miss the opportunity! 

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